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Story Pirates 

For the past 4 years, I have been a proud member of the Story Pirates ensemble.  What do we do?  The short version:  Blow kids minds! 

The long version:  We bring world class comedians, performers and educators into classrooms around the country and use the power of theatre and performance to encourage students to write WHATEVER they can dream up.  We then take the stories they create and turn them into a professionally produced sketch show that uses costumes, bright colors, and high level humor to… well, BLOW KIDS MINDS.  

You can learn more about the Pirates here!


Also, one of my proudest moments as a pirate was performing for my family  in Reno, NV at the ARTown Festival in June of 2013.  Check out this news story about the show (and see the adorable picture of me and my nephews in the album above)!

Also, check out the Education in the Future Blog that I contribute to for Story Pirates: Here